I realized I forgot to post these tasty tidbits. If you’re suffering the mid-winter blues (not likely here in sunny Yokohama but maybe there are some cloudier spots around), this will warm you up.

I would be happy to live in Thailand for the food alone, let alone the beauty of the land and people. Thai food . . . everyone’s favorite.

favorite refreshers . . . Thai tea and fresh limeadeIMG_0256

Don’t you love when you’re 8k into an 11 k trek, sun beating down on the uphill dirt road, and the motorcycle you step to the side of the road to avoid turns out to be selling popsicles?


growing bean sprouts in the sand

quail eggs at the market

Seriously, the best green curry of my life. Almost chewy with the freshly ground herbs of the paste. I love that this was at an Italian restaurant, the best on Koh Lipe, that is owned by an Italian guy and Thai woman. They seemed a little perplexed that I ordered the curry instead of the pizza or pasta, and I had to wait a while, but oh my, so good! And I had about 15 green curries in our 3 weeks 🙂IMG_0623

family sunset cocktail hour at the Peace and Love BarIMG_0649

rock lobster!

And for the last, I’m sad to say all I have is this flickr link for you that someone else took about the amazing crab at the Chao Ley restaurant. Actually, they took a photo of the prawns, but the crab was the same, just better in my opinion because it was messy, savory, rich crab. We were on Koh Bulon, a tiny island with a few restaurants and we had to hike to restaurant to reserve our crab in the afternoon, then return at dinnertime to wait for the fisherman to return and choose our crab. It is cooked and smothered in a sauce made from lemongrass, coconut milk, galangal, coriander, garlic, and butter. Too delicious.

Ok, that’s your taste of Thailand for today. xo

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8 thoughts on “yum

  1. Yum and more yum. I want Thai food now!

  2. I would love to eat with you anywhere, anytime!

  3. Kimmie on said:

    I love your dress!

  4. You’re making me hungry again

  5. Susan Jones on said:

    yum yum yum yum yum! i love island food for sure…but some of the best meals i’ve had in thailand have been in bangkok…i watch and see where and what the locals are eating, at some of the many street food stalls, and just point and ask for whatever that person is having…and it’s ALWAYS so yummy!

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