yoga in grade 2

I’ve been very busy teaching lots of yoga these days . . . .moms, high schoolers, and elementary kids. I was thrilled to be asked to teach the grade twos and we had the opportunity to share 3 sessions with each of the three classes.

We explored breath and noticed how even a few minutes of breathing can calm and energize us. We tested strength and stamina. We played together and we practiced staying contained in our bodies and on our own mats.

The kids even had a chance to check in with their Inner Teacher, a position that fits in so well with the PYP curriculum.

I love kids. And I love yoga. It was all a big treat for me!

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7 thoughts on “yoga in grade 2

  1. Super cute, Rachel. Those kids are so focused, and it really helps that you don’t have to speak…that they listen to the directions set to music.

  2. I love how the kids are so focused. The music/directions really help in finding their own way through the movements.

  3. Rachel! how can it be that i JUST FIGURED OUT YOU HAVE THIS BLOG???

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